Computer Maintenance

1 Hardware & Peripherals

Upkeep and maintenance of the hardware installed including Servers, Personal Computers, Printers, Scanners, CD Writers and Laptops.

Maintain System Services & Configurations

Install & Update Drivers

Apply OS Patches, Program Patches, Performance Tweaks

Registry Optimization & Repair

Perform System Log Verifications

Hardware & Disk Space Check

Scandisk, Remedy Disk Errors

Perform Disk Cleanup & Defragmentation

Temp File Cleaning

Server Data Backup

Physical Equipment Cleaning

Coordination with OEMs (Original equipment manufacturer) for troubleshooting of the   
        computer and other peripherals under warranty.

2 Security

Maintenance of Local Area Network (LAN) installed in the customer premises including configuration and trouble-shooting of routers and managed switches.

Perform critical security updates & Security Assessment

Protection Program Updates (Antivirus, Spyware)

Virus, Spyware, Trojan Removal & Repair

Configure & Manage Firewall/Perimeter Devices

Maintain VPN Infrastructure

IDS/IPS infrastructure Management

CCTV, Burglary Alarm and Fire Alarm System

3 Networking

Maintenance of Local Area Network (LAN) installed in the customer premises including configuration and trouble-shooting of routers and managed switches.

Configure VLAN, LAN and Wireless Network

Manage Routers, Media converter and switches.

Manage network connectivity to Server, Network Printers or other sharable resources.

Check Hardware, load, paths and apply security patches

Check port/cable connectivity using LAN Tester.

4 Applications

The following Software Applications are supported under Maintenance Plan.

Operating Systems

o Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2010, 2013
o Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7
o Linux Ubuntu, RedHat, CentOS
Setup Email Client/Server

Protection Program (Antivirus, Spyware)

Productivity Software

o Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook and Other software

5 Exclusions

Unless specifically noted within this SOW, customer is responsible for the repairs/fixing/replacement of all the electrical /electronic, and/or mechanical components and parts of the Computer Systems and Accessories, including the Printers, Scanners, Drive/Cd-Writers, Toner, Ink Cartridge, Modems & UPS etc.

Moving or Relocating Equipment

Repair, replacement of malfunctioning/nonfunctioning equipment or parts

Installing new PC’s or Servers*

Installing new printers or other external devices*

Maintenance, Support of Software (not listed under the “Applications” Section

Verification that the Customer’s software licenses are valid and current. Licensing of the    
        Customer’s software remains the responsibility of the Customer.

Laying of cables

6 Add-on Services (Optional)

Below is the list of Add-on Services available to our customer.

Infrastructure Setup

Maintenance of IP Phones

Data backup on Personal Computers

Server (apps, mail, web) monitoring tool

Data recovery

Network load-balancing and redundancy

Implement firewall

Stand-by arrangement to be made in case the equipment is to be taken to workshop for 

Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance